Payment Options

Our office is happy to provide you with many payment options so that you can receive the dental treatment that you require. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. We are a provider for Delta Dental and Blue Cross, and accept most other dental insurances. As a courtesy to you, our front desk staff will work with your insurance company to maximize your benefits and help you understand your coverage. Patient financing is available through Care Credit.

How regular dental visits can save you money…
Professional Cleanings – Regular cleanings minimize tooth decay and gum disease from leading to larger problems like abscesses and Periodontitis. During a cleaning appointment, the hygienist will be eliminating plaque, calculus, and bacteria from your mouth that causes these problems. During the examination portion of the visit, the dentist will provide treatment options for decay and gum disease to maintain adequate oral health.

Early Detection – Regular checkups allow Dr. Lanzillotti to inspect your teeth and gums for early warning signs that could lead to larger problems, like “craze lines” or fractures, decalcification (precursor to decay), and “gum pocketing” (or the beginning of Periodontitis, bone disease). By detecting and repairing problems in their earliest stages, it is possible to eliminate or minimize the need for more advanced dental treatment in the future.

Preventive Measures –From fluoride and sealants to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay to night guards that prevent the destruction from teeth grinding, we offer a variety of measures to help prevent the deterioration of your oral cavity and maintain the health and beauty of you smile throughout your lifetime.

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