Infection Control

Health care safety is everyone’s concern – yours and ours. Here at Millbury Family Dentistry, we take the responsibility of caring for you and your loved ones very seriously. Therefore we are continually monitoring and updating our infection control protocol.

Universal precautions are always exercised in our office. This means that infection control measures are taken for every patient and every procedure. Before you even enter the room, the entire dental unit and all its components are cleaned and disinfected with antimicrobial chemicals that are approved by the U.S. Government. A protective barrier is then placed on them. All instruments that are not one-time-use are cleaned, individually packaged, and then sterilized in an autoclave. An autoclave is a heat sterilization unit to remove bacteria, viral components, and even spores. Our autoclave is cleaned and monitored both daily and monthly to ensure proper function. All autoclaved packages are taped with an indicator tape to ensure the package was sterilized at the proper temperature.

Other universal precautions that you should note while visiting us, are the clinical staff wearing gloves, changing cloves and washing hands between patients, wearing protective clothing when appropriate, keeping a clean office, as well as proper disposal of waste.

It is in both your best interest, as well as our own, to maintain a clean and sterilized environment. We happily work hard to do so and welcome any questions or concerns you may have. Please enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that we strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by the CDC as well as OSHA. As a team, we also actively attend continuing education courses to ensure that we provide and are up to date with the latest standards for both your and our protection.

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