Meet the Staff

Our staff is comprised of a highly trained team of individuals that has been together for quite some time. At every visit, you will be sure to be greeted by a smiling face. We make it one of our missions to maintain an on-time schedule so that you will not have to spend your precious time in our reception area.

Our business staff, Pam and Sara, will help you with your appointments and see that your dental needs are scheduled as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a courtesy, they will help you with your insurance benefits in order to accurately estimate your co-payment. They will work hard to see that you receive all of the insurance benefits you are entitled to. If you have a question about your insurance benefits, please do not hesitate to call and ask for Pam or Sara.

Dr. Lanzillotti’s and Dr. Harris’ Assistants, Nicole and Julie, have been trained in all aspects of our care. You can be assured that they will help to ease your concerns, and any anxiety that you may have.

Each member of our hygiene staff has long-term experience in all phases of periodontal care. Christine, Shannon, Kathy, and Vanessa have been with us for a long time and go above and beyond for the patients they treat. They will surely be able to help you improve your home care and significantly reduce the risk of bone and gum disease, as well as tooth loss, throughout your life.

As a team, it is our goal to help you keep all of your teeth throughout your life. Our philosophy begins with prevention and you can be sure that you will receive prompt and stress free care along the way.

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