Office Training

By David M. Matson

This past Tuesday evening all of us gathered in the reception area to participate in our annual CPR training. It is always a fun evening as it is funny to watch everyone get down on the floor and resuscitate inanimate blue human forms. It sounds funny and it is even funnier to see but it is serious stuff. Each year we bring in a trainer who reviews Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Care with us. It is a good time to take stock of our emergency preparedness and make sure that the whole staff is on the same page. The American Heart Association has made a great effort over the years to promote this training and there are several levels that one can pursue. Basic CPR is important for everyone to know and the more of us who are comfortable or familiar with it the better we will all be. If you have never had a course in basic CPR I might suggest that you contact the American Heart Association and find out where you might be able to find some training.

In the meantime, know that all of our dummies survived and everyone passed their test.

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