Office Happenings

By: David M. Matson, DMD, FAGD

Every year we take a step back and reassess what is going on in the office. Specifically we look at our Infection Control Policy, our Privacy Policy and also take time to review and practice for any possible medical emergency. This is a time that gives us a chance to look at what we do and make changes based on what our experience and the standard of care suggest.

Infection control issues have evolved dramatically over the years and have become quite sophisticated to really minimize any potential cross contamination for patients and staff. The goal is to continually update and make your dental care as safe as possible. Our infection control philosophy is to treat every patient and situation the same. We use the same high quality procedures and protections for every single patient who walks through the door. Everything that goes in a patient’s mouth has either been sterilized or has been deemed a single use item. Single use means that it has just come out of a brand new package and will be thrown away after it is used one time. We use protective barrier coverings for areas that are heavy use and all surfaces are disinfected before you have entered the room. All instruments are packaged in individual cassettes and go through a sterilization cycle that insures their sterility and all dental handpieces are sterilized after each use as well. All autoclaves are biologically monitored weekly to make sure that they are doing their job and routine and regular maintenance on equipment is performed to make sure that it is all functioning properly. All disinfecting solutions and materials are routinely evaluated to comply with the standard of care and we have a dedicated staff member who monitors all of the above.

Patient privacy is an issue that we take seriously as well. Years ago we implemented a program that works to address the areas that would potentially compromise a patient’s privacy and we also have the latest in computer equipment and security to make sure that all transactions and personal health information are safe. We do not sell any patient information nor provide it to any unauthorized party. We undergo regular training to identify areas of concern and work to improve our security and privacy solutions. It is all a lot of work but we view it as part of our responsibility to our patients and our staff. If you ever have any questions about any of these topics please do not hesitate to ask one of the staff.

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