Teeth Whitening

First impressions are everything. A beautiful smile is a great way to make that lasting impression. Whitening is an effective, safe, and very easy way to improve your smile. Your appearance can affect your confidence level socially, emotionally, and in your career aspirations. Whitening your teeth could be just the tool required to boost that confidence. So what is whitening? The concept of whitening your teeth has been around for a number of years now and can be performed in a variety of ways. There are over-the-counter methods that include strips, toothpastes, tray systems, and even mouthwashes. However, research, as well as our experience with these products, is that they are less than reliable and not as effective as in-office treatments.

Though all whitening systems rely on the same basic idea, where a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth, the over-the-counter systems provide a weaker concentration that is less effective.

The system we utilize in the office entails a custom fitted tray designed to optimize the surface area of the tooth that comes in contact with the solution, and are more comfortable than the stickers in the over-the-counter products. The trays are generally worn at night, while sleeping, for 8 nights. An additional benefit of the trays is that they can be used over again for as long as needed, provided the teeth do not move in the interim.

We have chosen this system over the other multitude of systems, including the systems with lasers, because dental research has shown that this is the most effective method of bleaching.

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